A podcast for my business?

Good question. But perhaps we should start with the question, “What is a podcast?” Simply put, podcasts are “internet radio shows.” That’s not a perfect definition, but many non-podcast-listening folks can easily understand it. Some refer to podcasting as audio blogging. Podcasts are usually produced with a relatively simple and inexpensive setup. Usually in one’s […]


Social Media Revolution 2.0

Here it is. It really is unbelievable. Things are developing so quickly. Life just doesn’t stand still, does it? Especially when we talk about technology. Social media is here to stay, folks. It is transforming life as we know it. Every aspect of life.

Thesis for WordPress

Thesis: I Had to Do It

I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Thesis theme for WordPress, developed by DIYthemes. It’s a paid theme, $87 for a single user, single site. Typically, I resist purchasing themes. But this morning I finally broke down.

social media education wordle

The Changing Landscape: Social Media in Education

Times are changing. Exponentially. Did you know that there are jobs today that did not exist 10 years ago? 5 years ago? Even a year ago? Technology is changing not only the way we do business, but also business itself. Business is not the only thing that is changing, however. Education is changing too. What […]

iPad Revolution

I just came across this article from Macworld. The premise is simple. The iPad is not simply a new device made by Apple. Rather, it is a revolution. What do you think? Revolution or fad? Rating: 0