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Jeff Young – Using Technology to Tell Your Story

My Services

In today’s market, every business needs to be online, engaged with the wider community, using the new social media tools at our disposal. I provide a full range of social media services, including copywriting, video / audio media production, and web design. I am here to help you grow your business and succeed by integrating […]

Jeff Young – I Can Help You Tell Your Story

Who Is Jeff Young?

I’m a storyteller. Stories are the heart of life. We all have a story, even businesses. I help businesses and organizations tell their stories using the technology and tools now available in our new digital landscape. How will I help you tell your story? Write. Through content creation: blogging, podcasting, online video, articles, micro-blogging and social […]

Jeff Young - The Catholic Foodie

Business is a lot like cooking…

“Business is a lot like cooking.  There is a big difference between following a recipe and creating one. Anyone can be trained to read a list of ingredients and follow directions telling you how and in what order to prepare them. That’s what a cook does. A chef knows what ingredients go well together. She […]

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